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We’ve reached over 5,000 people in Uganda through our programs

EATBETA focuses on alleviating rural unemployment, food and water shortages in Uganda. We empower and equip rural farmers with practical skills through training and outreach programs. Every summer EATBETA has been mobilizing volunteers from the United States (farmers, college students, educators, business professionals, etc.) to participate in annual outreach programs to train rural farmers in Uganda. The training programs are designed to help rural farmers learn more profitable farming techniques for raising crops and livestock.

In addition to providing training to rural farmers, EATBETA is involved in facilitating the construction of hand-dug water wells in rural communities. Most rural communities in Uganda have a serious shortage of clean water; thus, our goal is to construct hand-dug water wells, particularly, in those communities where EATBETA carries out training and outreach programs.

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We address the challenges of rural unemployment, food and water shortages in Ugandan rural communities.  We work to drastically improve the physical and spiritual welfare of people in rural farming communities by collaborating with the community leaders (e.g. Faith leaders) to train farmers in a variety of skills to enable them to enhance their own livelihoods in a sustainable manner.

Through business empowerment and transforming agriculture, rural unemployment, food, and water shortage problems in sub-Saharan Africa can be tackled.
Our approach involves working in collaboration with the rural community leadership to train and engage the rural farmers in the aforementioned.
By pursuing a variety of programs, aimed at transforming agriculture in rural communities, livelihoods of rural farmers can greatly improve in the long run.
In constructing a hand-dug water well, the villagers are involved in the process; either by digging the hole themselves or by providing local materials.

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