EATBETA Summer 2020 Mission

EATBETA Summer 2020 Mission (July 27 – August 7)

This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Enjoy a summer trip to Africa as you volunteer your skills to train rural farming communities. The Summer 2020 Mission will take place from July 27 through August 7, 2020. If you cannot be able to go this time, we humbly request you to financially support someone who would be able to go and train rural farmers.

Purpose of the 2020 Mission

Through business empowerment and transformation of agriculture, rural unemployment and food shortage problems in sub-Saharan Africa can be tackled and livelihoods of rural communities can be greatly improved. EATBETA International Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization with a vision to transform agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa. Through its volunteer-based training programs, EATBETA trains rural smallholder farmers in a variety of skills that are aimed at improving livelihoods. And through a variety of programs, EATBETA is focused on tackling rural unemployment and food shortage problems in Africa while empowering smallholder farmers—especially the rural women and youth. 

About the Training Programs

Rural communities in Africa often, economically, lag behind their urban counterparts due to lack of critical skills that can support sustainable livelihoods. Through its volunteer-based training programs, EATBETA strives to provide skill-oriented training to rural smallholder farmers to enable them to improve or gain new skills in, especially, agriculture and business. Training programs in agriculture are aimed at enhancing rural farmers’ skills in quality crop/animal farming and in using farm equipment. And training programs in business are aimed at helping rural farmers garner skills in value-addition to farm harvests, marketing, planning, budgeting, and supplementary skills—such as welding, beekeeping, carpentry, sewing, weaving, pottery, bricklaying, etc. Importantly, EATBETA believes in a holistic approach that embraces evangelism—sharing the message of salvation, while training rural farmers in skills leading to improved and sustainable livelihoods. EATBETA primarily relies on volunteer-trainers to provide training to rural smallholder farmers in a variety of skills aimed at improving rural farmers’ livelihoods. Volunteers are now being solicited for the Summer 2020 Mission to provide training, mentoring, and outreach opportunities to rural smallholder farmers.

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