Transforming Agriculture

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Agriculture has been, and is still, the dominant sector in rural communities across sub-Saharan Africa; however, a larger percentage of this sector is still carried out at a subsistence level and on fragmented farmlands. As a result, output levels have remained very low–which has greatly contributed to the prevalence of rural unemployment and food shortage. There is a critical need to transform agriculture; specifically, if modern farming techniques are adopted, agriculture can certainly generate meaningful rural employment and can increase food production.

By pursuing a variety of programs, aimed at transforming agriculture in rural communities, livelihoods of rural farmers can greatly improve in the long run. Our approach to this pursuit involves working in collaboration with the rural community leaders to train rural farmers in a variety of skills aimed at improving and enhancing rural farmers’ livelihoods. However, the training by itself cannot result in a comprehensive transformation of agriculture; most rural farmers need a helping hand in obtaining seeds. Thus, besides providing training, EATBETA avails rural farmers with crop seeds, such as corn, cucumber, watermelon, etc.

A rural farmer showing off cumbers grown from the seeds he received from EATBETA