Welding Campaign

Welding Campaign   

Eatbeta’s vision to transform and advance Uganda’s rural communities, is partly by transforming Ugandan agriculture (the ‘TA’ at the end of EATBETA stands for “Transforming Agriculture”). A key challenge in improving rural agriculture is the overall Ugandan infrastructure; modernizing a farming industry from the basic hoe to more advanced equipment like hand-plows, and eventually to mechanized farming methods using tractors, requires a more advanced general infrastructure to produce, service and repair this more advanced farming equipment.

However, during Eatbeta’s summer 2017 mission in Uganda, when seeking welders to fabricate push hand-plows, the team was dismayed by the poor quality of welding services available in Uganda. They began to realize that without the ability to repair the more advanced machinery, any attempt to modernize Ugandan agriculture would be in vain; hand plows and any other machinery would eventually break down and become useless unless there is a way to repair them.

To help with this critical need, Eatbeta has added a new objective to its mission: “Train welders to fabricate and repair the machines and equipment that form the country’s backbone and infrastructure.” Training welders will help with the 64% unemployment rate among the youth by providing training and job skills, while also enhancing the Ugandan infrastructure so it can support agricultural advancement. Accordingly, Eatbeta has partnered with a welding training school to help sponsor and train Ugandan youth in welding and metal fabrication.

A welder fabricating hand-plow parts

Support the Welding Campaign

Your financial donation towards the welding campaign will be much appreciated. The welding school, which EATBETA has partnered with, needs more equipment to provide fast-track training to students.