Hand-Plow Campaign

Hand-Plow Campaign   

For several centuries, the traditional hoe has been the major tool used in crop farming across sub-Saharan Africa. However, with the current population explosion in sub-Saharan Africa, it is becoming a critical challenge to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for food, while relying on using the hoe as a major farming tool. For example, a rural farmer we talked to said that it takes him roughly three weeks to cultivate an acre of land with his hoe. This impasse often results in rural farmers missing important rainy seasons during which they should be sowing seeds; hence, crops are planted late—when critical rains have passed. Consequently, entire farming seasons are wasted or not fully utilized simply because the traditional hoe slows down the whole farming process. 

In its quest to abate poverty and hunger among rural farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, and through its objective of enhancing rural farmers’ skills in quality crop/animal farming and in using farm equipment, Eatbeta believes that it is now time to introduce much better and easy to implement alternatives to the traditional hoe. Hence, during Eatbeta’s summer 2017 Mission in Uganda, the hand-plow was introduced and demonstrated to rural farmers. Hand-plows are manufactured in the USA; so, on his way to Uganda, Judge Sam Griffith packed one in his baggage and reassembled it in Uganda for demonstration purposes. Rural farmers, including women—who are the majority in rural agriculture, were given the opportunity to try out the hand-plow; many were impressed by its novelty and simplicity. According to the feedback we gathered, it is likely that the hand-plow could greatly help rural farmers in sub-Saharan Africa to realize a far better farming experience compared to the strenuous traditional hoe. Ultimately, rural farmers could realize more—in terms of output and improved farming if they use the hand-plow for their crop farming. 


Putting final touches on a fabricated hand-plow1

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Although EATBETA is pleased to have introduced and demonstrated the hand-plow to rural farmers in Uganda, a majority of those farmers cannot financially afford imported and expensive hand-plows, which retail for around $100. To help offset this cost and make hand-plows more affordable, EATBETA has engaged the youth in Uganda to help fabricate hand-plows at a subsidized price of about $40. However, EATBETA must still shoulder much of the cost of fabricating and distributing hand-plows to the rural farmers. EATBETA humbly invites you to partner with us financially as we invest in mass production and distribution of push hand-plows to rural smallholder farmers in Uganda.

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