Hand-Dug Water Well Campaign

Promoting and Sponsoring Hand-Dug Water Wells in Rural Uganda    

In most rural areas of Uganda, access to clean water for drinking, personal hygiene, and irrigation is a daily struggle. Providing access to this basic life necessity is fully aligned with EATBETA’s fundamental mission—to transform rural livelihoods by alleviating unemployment and food shortage in sub-Saharan Africa. In pursuing this valuable opportunity, to make drinking and irrigation water readily available to rural farmers in Uganda, EATBETA has now begun a new campaign to promote and sponsor hand-dug water wells.

Join the Hand-Dug Water Well CAMPAIGN!

A hand-dug water well costs about $3,000 in labor and materials, which is fairly economical compared to the $15,000 – $25,000 cost of a water borehole. Recently, EATBETA sponsored a hand-dug water well at Wafava village in Arua district, Uganda. The pictures shown below depict the major phases in its construction.

Phase One: Dig the water well hole

Well Photo1Well Photo7

Phase Two: Reinforce the water well wall with bricks and cement

Well Photo27Well Photo19

Phase Three: Install a rope pulley, a well cover and a water tank

Finished Well10Finished Well8

At a fraction of a water borehole’s cost, hand-dug water wells should help to significantly increase access to clean water in rural areas, helping to alleviate food shortages, disease, and unemployment in Uganda. We humbly invite you to financially partner with EATBETA to construct more hand-dug water wells.

Workers pumping water into a water tank after completing the well construction

Support the Hand-Dug Water Well Campaign

A fully constructed and equipped hand-dug water well costs about $3,000. We humbly welcome your donation to financially support the construction of more hand-dug water wells in rural farming communities.