Market & Storage

Market & Storage Procurement

Rural smallholder farmers often fail to market their farm harvests due to various reasons: poor quality products, lack of access to markets, lack of steady crop supply, lack of proper and adequate storage facilities, and a general lack of market information. Eatbeta’s goal is to enable and empower rural smallholder farmers to market their farm harvests. This is accomplished by identifying buyers, training farmers to improve product quality and adding value to their harvests before they are marketed, and providing a database for information on current market availability and prices for agricultural products. Eatbeta’s goal is also to establish storage centers at its training demo-centers to use as collection hubs for harvests. These storage centers serve several purposes, including storage hubs for excess harvest, holding centers while a market is procured, quality checkpoints, and a buffer to ensure a constant supply of crop-harvests for the market or processing centers.