Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision, Mission, Motto & Objectives

Vision: Evangelize Africa through business empowerment and transforming agriculture.

Mission: Transform rural livelihoods by alleviating unemployment and food shortage in Uganda and across sub-Saharan Africa.

Motto: Transform rural communities, one community at a time.

Objectives: To achieve the above mission, we focus on the following objectives:

  • Train rural smallholder farmers in modern farming techniques.
  • Train rural smallholder farmers in transformational business skills.
  • Mobilize and provide micro-funds to smallholder farmers at affordable terms.
  • Advocacy for creating smallholder farmers’ cooperatives in rural communities.
  • Supply quality seeds to rural smallholder farmers to help boost crop production.
  • Promote soil enrichment and preservation practices in rural farming communities.
  • Provide transportation for rural smallholder farmers to transport harvests to markets.
  • Enable and empower rural smallholder farmers to market their farm harvest.
  • Setup silos and storage for use as harvest collection centers and quality checkpoints.
  • Enable rural smallholder farmers to gain access to farm equipment.

Core Values: Our core values are based on T.I.M.E:

  • Trustworthy: we uphold and embrace the value trustworthiness.
  • Integrity: we espouse integrity in all our dealings and assignments.
  • Morality: we endeavor to conduct ourselves in a moral and ethical manner.
  • Empathy: we treat fellow human beings with genuine empathy.